Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Coming home from Ikea

I just realized that I uploaded these so our day goes backwards. Oh well, use your imagination!
Here we are in Battery Park where there is a fountain, a thirsty squirrel, and some horny immigrant statues. Enjoy.


David and I think Ikea is more home to us than our real home, especially since we are moving in a few days. So- we go there, watch tv, use the loo, and lay down and take a nap for awhile. It's really quite relaxing. You should try it. Then we pick out all of the items we will buy once we can afford them... you know, like a french press, a wok, some hanging wall panel things (the things that matter in life.)

The president

David and I just happened to be on a water taxi to Ikea when the President was flying in from Governor's Island to make a speech at the UN. They shut down all of the waterways for about half an hour until his limo drove down FDR South. My favorite part was the snipers on top ov every building surrounding the pier. Funny stuff