Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


was amazing. Our airline deal included two free nights stay in a hotel, so upon arrival in Heathrow we took the underground to Gloucester Road in South Kennsington and lugged ourselves to Fraser Place Queens Gate Apartments. After having spent 7 hours on a plane and being completely jet-lagged, we passed out cold. Our second day we decided not to tube anywhere and simply walk around and get a feel for things. We walked all the way from South Kenn west of the city, to Tower Bridge and back (about 4 miles.) We ended up walking past Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, the cool egg building I recognized from the movie 'Run fatboy Run' and tower bridge. Our legs were like noodles, so we passed out again at about 3 pm and didn't wake up until the following morning. We were then picked up by the beautiful Hollie Cook, and taken to her sweet flat in Shepard's Bush. Me being me, I got really sick and spent a lot of the day in bed :( but I pulled through and didn't let that deter me from pubs, shows, etc. We went to a few great markets/thrift shops/ pubs/ venues, etc. all thanks to our lovely hostess!

View from our hotel

Continental breakfast


Buckingham Palace #1


Classic telephone photo

Rubbish robot

Tower Bridge #1



Castle thing by Thames

Egg building

Olympics building

Tate Modern Art

The wonderful Hollie


Hollie's Dada- wish that were hanging in my flat!

Veggie English Breakfast

Walking, talking

Backwards car

Camden Market

Camden Market

Creepy pub eyes and strawberry beer!

Being the musical genius Hollie is, we got into a sold out NME show that her/David's friends were playing (The Soft Pack.) Great stuff!

A quick stop-off at Borders

We drove down to Brighton Pier... it was valentines day and the British are not ashamed of serious public affection!

Heavier than he looks

I whopped serious butt in air hockey

As if we weren't cold enough already- the tide came up unexpectedly

Looking rad for Hollie's mom